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It is finally time to redecorate your home and this time you are thinking of going in a completely different direction than you have in the past. While standard American furniture is beautiful in its own right the look can get a little old after a while. If you are looking for a bold new look that has its roots steeped in European history, consider replacing that American styled furniture with French Country furniture. Currently the look of French Country furniture is the style of the day with more people looking for this style than almost any other. One of the reasons that this style of furniture appeals to a wide spectrum of people is that it was made from an amazing variety of hardwoods. Each area of France used the hardwoods that were available to them locally and this meant woods like oak, mahogany, pine, teak and rubberwood or parawood were used.

If you were to ask a furniture expert to describe the appeal of French Country furniture, they would likely tell you that it combine the warmth and comfort or good sturdy furniture with a rustic look that makes a home look like a home. Not everyone wants to have a home filled with furniture that looks like it should never be used; too many people have delicate furniture like this that makes visitors and family alike feel uncomfortable. One of the most popular rooms to redecorate with French County furniture is the bedroom creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes your bedroom one of the most comfortable rooms in your house. You can start with a classic four post bed and add your preference of mattress and then move on to matching bed side tables. You can finish the look with a dressing table, cupboards and a mirror along with period wallpaper and accruements giving you a completely "French" bedroom the your friends will be quite envious of.

One thing to remember is that true French Country furniture is never machine made as these items were generally made by the local carpenter. When you look for reproductions you need to look for a manufacturer that follows this tradition as closely as possible. The real antiques are very hard to come by and extremely expensive, on the other hand quality reproductions are much more affordable and there are companies that still use skilled craftsmen to make each piece. At Custom Furniture World you will find only the finest quality reproduction French Country furniture. All of their pieces are made from hardwoods; most pieces are made from parawood. This is one of the strongest hardwoods available and is sustainably harvested from tree farms rather than from virgin forests. These trees are similar to maple except that they mature much more quickly and provide a sap that is used to make rubber. The tree is left untouched until it no longer produces sap, average age is ten years and it is then harvested and used to make their exquisite line of reproduction furniture.