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Old Biscayne Designs has created a quality brand of handmade, custom furniture for your home.

They are a furniture manufacturer focused on producing custom Artisan-Crafted pieces for you to enjoy. The quality and workmanship they put into each piece of custom furniture is incredible. 

Old Biscayne Bed

About The Finishes

Old Biscayne Designs creates hand-crafted furniture pieces and available in many different finishes. They take the time with each of their wood and iron finishes to make sure that they will last. Old Biscayne Designs applies each finish by hand which means that no two pieces are ever the same. It is to be expected that you will get variations in color when these beds are custom built and hand-finished and each will have a different look and feel.
The wooden items come even more customized because wood is a product of nature. While Old Biscayne Designs can control the type and variation of wood they use; the grain, knots, and density will vary from piece to piece. This is because the wood is a product of its natural environment.

Old Biscayne Designs

Care & Cleaning

With all of these custom finishes, it is important to know how to care for them. When you need to clean your Old Biscayne custom furniture pieces keep these tips in mind: 
  • Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth, then wipe dry.
  • Remove water and alcohol spots quickly.
  • Do NOT use strong stain removers or solvents - they may destroy the finishing.
Each and every Old Biscayne item is so the product of an original design. They craft the most beautiful beds and hand-finish each one. Their pieces are available in over 50 different finishes, and come with a home delivery upgrade! Find your favorite hand-crafted, custom furniture piece here.

All About British Traditions 0

Imagine taking something old and making it new? It would create unique pieces which you would cherish forever. Now, imagine you could take that concept and apply it to furniture!

That's what British Traditions has done. They carefully hand-craft furniture to look like it's an antique! The products they create are each in themselves truly unique and one-of-a-kind. They focus on creating hand-made furniture for you to enjoy. Each piece is hand-made in America by craftsmen who enjoy what they do every day.

Each piece is made of kiln-dried wood and manufactured in a humidity-controlled facility and are constructed with quality in America. Each piece of furniture has the option of many different hand-applied finishing options. This creates more individuality and customization for each piece. The finishing never looks the same on two products.

This finish is crafted from a pine wood that has been sanded and waxed. The English Pine Light pieces age into a deeper color and the knots in the wood will darken. Periodically, it would be good to wax each piece which will build up over time and give the piece an aged, waxed patina.
Custom Furniture World - British Traditions: Grand Dublin Hutch
Finish: "Galway Crackle" 
This finish gives a fine crackle with a subtle distressed look. British Traditions uses an 11-step hand-applied finishing process using a single color over a dark base coat. It focuses on minimal distressing to achieve the antique look. 
Each piece is crafted and finished in Missouri, and due hand-made quality, it can often take up to 10 weeks to receive an item. However, when you factor in the quality and the passion in each piece it makes the wait not so bad. You are getting a high quality, made in America piece of furniture that was crafted with two hands, just for YOU! 

These handmade items are crafted in many distressed weights and over 25 color options! Shop our collection here.

Using Color in Your Home 0

Choosing the right color palette for your home can be intimidating. The colors you choose bring personality and character to each room, so making the best color choices for each room is important. 

4 Things to Remember When Using Color in Your Home:

1. Know Your Light - Where the light is, how much light a room gets, direct or indirect light, sunlight or artificial light. These all affect the way color looks in a room. Different light can make lavender look grey, and blues look dull. Try solving this by creating a test area and check it in all different natural and artificial lighting.

2. Limit Your Colors - Keep in mind how many different colors you've got going on in your rooms. While no one has a set standard for how many colors should be in each room, there comes a point where you can have too much going on and it can be overwhelming. Check out this great article on Forbes for tips on picking a color for your home.

3.Use a Variety of Colors -  You want to create a visually appealing space with a nice variety of colors and blends. Using too much of the same color will make your room (and home) look dull and bland. Using a nice variety of color in each room will give your home the "pop" it deserves.

4. Think About The Room - The colors you choose for each room will greatly impact how your home feels. Create a plan for each room. Do you want the room to feel warm and connected? Use some reds, yellows and earth tones. Do you want relaxing and calming? Try some blues, greens and lavenders.

Need some more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board created just for this occasion.

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Sleep Well with Old Biscayne Designs 0

At Custom Furniture World, we pride ourselves in finding the highest quality furniture out there and offering it to you. This week, we wanted to feature one of our manufacturers Old Biscayne Designs

Their flat iron beds and wood furniture design is what makes them stand out. Each of their pieces are handcrafted individually for the customer and each design is signed with the Gabrielli family signature. It is a company dedicated to excellence and perfection. At Custom Furniture World, we love it when manufacturers take pride into their work because it means that our customers will only receive the best products. 

Each bed and frame are unique. The Miranda Cane Bed, for example, uses this sophisticated look to draw your attention to the details in the frame. Each piece has been handcrafted by Artisans in the United States. This bed is custom made to ensure that you get an original, while the frames are made individual for each bed. You will truly experience something unique when you sleep in this handcrafted bed. Read more about the Miranda Cane Bed here.
Old Biscayne Designs available at Custom Furniture World

Not only do they specialize in iron bedframes, but also work with carving wood and creating unique, original wooden beds. The Twila Wood Twist Poster Bed is an example of this. This bed is handcrafted and the wood posts are hand carved with exclusive attention being given to the small details you will see in the frame. This bed is made custom for you and its frame is made individually by hand in the United States. Use this bed to add character to any French country bedroom. Find out more about the Twila Wood Twist Poster bed here.
Old Biscayne Designs available at Custom Furniture World

Need a bed solution for smaller spaces? Old Biscayne Designs has created an elegant solution! The Lisette Wood Raised Panel Bunk Bed is a wonderful alternative for smaller spaces or children's rooms. Shown here in distressed black finish each frame is made exclusive to each bed. The Lisette Wood Raised Panel Bunk Bed is entirely handcrafted in the United States with sustainable Georgia maple hardwoods. Create an open space with this bunk bed available in a variety of wood finishes here
Old Biscayne Designs available at Custom Furniture World

Try an Old Biscayne Designs bed for yourself and find out the pure quality put into each piece.Each bed comes with a home delivery upgrade and there are over 50 different wood and iron options available! Find out more about them and shop our entire selection here
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5 Tips to an Organized Home 0

It's that time of year where you spend some time getting your home organized. Spend more time focusing on what you love most rather than what is out of place. We've found some great tips to help spend less time organizing and more time with your family. 

-Add a wastebasket: Many times adding a wastebasket in multiple rooms can help eliminate clutter that would normally accumulate. They don't have to look like a wastebasket either, check out these fashionable ones.

-Keep flat surfaces open: don't leave a coffee table out with papers and books. Make it a habit of purging papers and magazines and keep them in a bin rather than on a side table. Try using hanging baskets and hooks to hold things instead of counter space. 

-Declutter kitchen drawers
: Go through your drawers and put the smaller items together in plastic containers inside the drawers and store the larger, less-used items in the back cabinets. Use a sideboard or buffet to hold and display your beautiful dishes.

-Control all the cords: It seems like everything we use has a cord and those cords are always getting tangled and out of control. Take some time to combine cords and tidy them.

-Create photo collages: If you have a lot of smaller photos, rather than displaying them individually on side tables grab some photo books or collage frames and display multiples at a time. Or go high-tech and display your photos in a digital frame.

Follow us here on Pinterest for more home organizing tips. What other tips have you found that work for you? Share them here in the comments.