5 Tips to an Organized Home


It's that time of year where you spend some time getting your home organized. Spend more time focusing on what you love most rather than what is out of place. We've found some great tips to help spend less time organizing and more time with your family. 

-Add a wastebasket: Many times adding a wastebasket in multiple rooms can help eliminate clutter that would normally accumulate. They don't have to look like a wastebasket either, check out these fashionable ones.

-Keep flat surfaces open: don't leave a coffee table out with papers and books. Make it a habit of purging papers and magazines and keep them in a bin rather than on a side table. Try using hanging baskets and hooks to hold things instead of counter space. 

-Declutter kitchen drawers
: Go through your drawers and put the smaller items together in plastic containers inside the drawers and store the larger, less-used items in the back cabinets. Use a sideboard or buffet to hold and display your beautiful dishes.

-Control all the cords: It seems like everything we use has a cord and those cords are always getting tangled and out of control. Take some time to combine cords and tidy them.

-Create photo collages: If you have a lot of smaller photos, rather than displaying them individually on side tables grab some photo books or collage frames and display multiples at a time. Or go high-tech and display your photos in a digital frame.

Follow us here on Pinterest for more home organizing tips. What other tips have you found that work for you? Share them here in the comments.

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  • Dina Janicke
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