Using Color in Your Home


Choosing the right color palette for your home can be intimidating. The colors you choose bring personality and character to each room, so making the best color choices for each room is important. 

4 Things to Remember When Using Color in Your Home:

1. Know Your Light - Where the light is, how much light a room gets, direct or indirect light, sunlight or artificial light. These all affect the way color looks in a room. Different light can make lavender look grey, and blues look dull. Try solving this by creating a test area and check it in all different natural and artificial lighting.

2. Limit Your Colors - Keep in mind how many different colors you've got going on in your rooms. While no one has a set standard for how many colors should be in each room, there comes a point where you can have too much going on and it can be overwhelming. Check out this great article on Forbes for tips on picking a color for your home.

3.Use a Variety of Colors -  You want to create a visually appealing space with a nice variety of colors and blends. Using too much of the same color will make your room (and home) look dull and bland. Using a nice variety of color in each room will give your home the "pop" it deserves.

4. Think About The Room - The colors you choose for each room will greatly impact how your home feels. Create a plan for each room. Do you want the room to feel warm and connected? Use some reds, yellows and earth tones. Do you want relaxing and calming? Try some blues, greens and lavenders.

Need some more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board created just for this occasion.

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  • Dina Janicke
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